Emmanuelle is a beautifully light filled therapist with over 25 years of experience in a range of body, mind, spirit techniques, treating people from all walks of life and running successful practices in London, Paris and Ibiza.

Over the years she has qualified in Therapeutic massage, Indian head massage, CranioSacral therapy, Doula, Reiki, Yoga, “Unique Self” Life coaching. She is fully committed to continuously furthering her knowledge and endlessly working to expand her skillset with more tools to guide and inspire those around her to transform and heal themselves.

Emmanuelle´s speciality and biggest passion is in CranioSacral therapy which she was led to after the birth of her daughter who was suffering from severe colic. The effects were profound and helped with not only the colic but also her lack of sleep. This led her on a new path, to learn about the cranio sacral system, the nervous system and the body’s incredible ability to heal itself.


Some several years of stress took its toll on Emmanuelle´s immune and nervous system. The deep physical ad spiritual healing process that followed led to a huge awakening to realise how important it is to take responsibility for our own health.

With her innate intuition, years of experience and learning, she is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping and guiding others to transform, heal and reach their potential through using tools that are best suited to their own specific needs.


A treatment with Emmanuelle can be a profound part in a life changing/soul searching journey. Everything she teaches, she has walked through herself and this shines through her in-depth knowledge and passion for her work.


Her years of soul searching led her to settle in Ibiza, which she feels is the most beautiful and magical place in the world; inspiring healing and transformational. When not working, you will most likely find Emmanuelle spending time with her family or immersed in study, books, nature, painting, dancing and exploring her creativity.

Learn about the central nervous system

“Fight or flight” Vs. “Rest and restore”

Stress is becoming the number1 “dis -ease” of our century! Knowledge is power and the more we learn about the nervous system, the more we realise how important it is to keep it balanced in order to have optimal health, physically and emotionally.

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© Copyright Craniosacral Therapy Ibiza. Website Created by TUREKS DESIGNS